Knowing how your hot tub functions and how to properly maintain your hot tub will minimize the need for many harsh chemicals to be added to your hot tub water. Here are some of the basic features that you find on most hot tubs and their importance to the success of the Full Circle Program:

Filtration System is designed to remove visible debris and impurities. Just like your household trash can, if not emptied, it will overflow and no longer function to remove unwanted debris. Cleaning your filters regularly is the most important maintenance you can do to minimize the need for additional chemicals and to maintain clean water. Once weekly is what is recommended based on moderate usage. Every 2 months you should deep clean the filters using the Natural Hot Tub Company’s Filter-Soak. We highly recommend having 2 sets of filters and rotating them to make it more convenient.

Circulation Cycle System is determined how often and for how long the filtration system is in full operation. If adjustable, your hot tub needs to circulate for a minimum of 4-8 hours a day. It is cheaper to run the filtration system more that it would be to buy the additional chemicals needed to keep the hot tub clean. If your hot tub does not circulate through the jets, you need to turn them on at least weekly during regular use as part of your maintenance program.

Water Capacity, knowing how many gallons your hot tub holds. It is important to determine the minimum amount of spa products to be effective in treating your spa water.

Ozonators are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria by using ozone. Most hot tubs do come already equipped but they can be added to most.

Spa Cover should always be covered when not in use to prevent unwanted debris or contaminants from entering your spa water. Algae can become a problem if left uncovered for long periods of time. On the other hand, your spa needs to breathe. If you are not using the spa regularly, you should remove the cover and run jets for 15 minutes to oxygenate the water. It is also important to clean the underside of the cover using the Natural Hot Tub Company’s Penetrating Cleanser. If your cover is over 5 years old or has any tears, we recommend it be replaced. Inside older spa covers often hold not only the harsh chemicals used in the past but also mold, mildew, bacteria, etc., and through condensation will drip back into your clean spa water.

Water Temperature should be maintained between 90 degrees and 104 degrees. The Natural Hot Tub Company’s Water Treatment and Conditioner uses enzymes that require at least 90 degrees to work properly.

Hot Tub Features vary from manufacturers and models. Here are a few that you may need to know about:

Under Water Lights add a lot of visual appeal to your hot tub but they can be misleading when evaluating the color of your water. The best way to evaluate the color is to use a clear drinking glass and hold it up to a light.

Cup Holders are a great convenience but they also can collect water that over days can harbor bacteria and other contaminants. It is best to keep them dry and clean.

Head Rests need to be cleaned on an average of every 6 weeks with the Natural Hot Tub Company’s Penetrating Spa Cleanser taking care to thoroughly clean the front and back of the head rest.