The All Natural Solution To…
Itchy Skin? Rashes? Red Eyes? Hair Changing Colors? Dry Skin for Days? Kids Sensitive to Chemicals? Inhaling Harmful Fumes? Afraid of Soaking in chemical soup?
After retirement I moved to the beautiful South West Mountains of Virginia, however my life changed after a devastating car accident. My doctor recommended a spa for pain relief and a natural muscle relaxant. The spa was wonderful and helped me manage my pain. But I hated having to test the water so often and having to remember when to add another chemical. My skin reacted to the harsh chemicals, but I continued using the spa because I didn’t realize I had any other choice. I was so sold on the wonderful affects of my hot tub, that I started selling them in a local spa store. During the next five years…

Minimizing Bather Impurities

There are two issues that effect the amount of bather impurities that enter your spa water. One is bather frequency which is the number of different bathers and how often they use the spa. Bather impurities are introduced to the spa through our bathing suits and what...

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Minimizing Source Water Impurities

Whether you are on municipal or well water, they both can introduce impurities into your hot tub that interfere with the proper chemical balance of your water. Having your water tested is one way to determine if source water impurities are too high but we highly...

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Maximize the efficiency of your spa

Knowing how your hot tub functions and how to properly maintain your hot tub will minimize the need for many harsh chemicals to be added to your hot tub water. Here are some of the basic features that you find on most hot tubs and their importance to the success of...

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