There are two issues that effect the amount of bather impurities that enter your spa water. One is bather frequency which is the number of different bathers and how often they use the spa. Bather impurities are introduced to the spa through our bathing suits and what is on our skin such as lotions, deodorants, perspiration, dead skin cells, etc.

​Bather Frequency is not something we recommend you minimize but it is important to note when your spas has changed its usage level so you can best adjust your water treatment plan. Consistency with bathers and frequency will make it easier to determine a regular maintenance schedule that keeps your spa water clean. Increasing your frequency but particularly the number of bathers can require more maintenance.

Frequency Usage Guide:
Light-1-2 people, 5 days a week or  ​​2-3 people, 2 days a week

Moderate-2-3 people, 4-5 days a week

Heavy-Over 4 people, Children under 6

​​Bather Impurities most of the impurities that cause cloudy water and the need to add chemicals to your spa water are from the bathers.

Bathing Suits should be rinsed several times to get residual detergents left from washing. This can prevent foam and chemical imbalances. Dyes from bathing suits can cause water discoloration. New suits that are going to be used in the spa should be washed in hot water, without using soap, and double rinsed to remove excess dye.

​Bather Impurities such as residual soaps, makeup, lotions and body oils can dissolve into the hot spa water. The Natural Hot Tub Company’s Water Treatment and Conditioner works well with the filter to remove these impurities. Minimizing these impurities does decrease the stress on your water and your filter. You may want to consider a soapless shower prior to entering your spa to remove excess lotions and oils.