Complete Spa Care for Older Spas


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The Full Circle Spa Program™ is a more natural way to enjoy a hot tub without soaking in harsh chemicals or draining them into our environment. It is a program designed so that each hot tub owner can learn what is needed to maintain clean and safe spa water based on his or her personal use. Many factors affect your spa water such as filtration, spa features, quality of source water, bather frequency and introduced impurities. The Full Circle Spa Program is a guide that will help you determine how to care for your spa with environmentally-friendly products. The 100% safe and effective enzyme products from The Natural Hot Tub Company are the foundation for this program. These products soften and condition the spa water, stabilize pH & alkalinity and reduce or eliminate the use of many harsh chemicals. Following our program will allow you to drain your spa water without bringing harm to our ground water systems on which most living creatures depend.

This kit includes:

1 bottle of The Natural Hot Tub Company ® Water Treatment and Conditioner 

It is a natural enzyme formula that eliminates the need for harsh and toxic chemicals in hot tubs & spas. Uses the natural power of enzymes to clean and soften water, and eliminates dry skin. Keeps spa water clean, clear and soft for up to 3 months. One 16 oz bottle treats up to 500 gallon spa.  Helps stabilizes pH & alkalinity.  Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth with no odors. Reduces or eliminates the need for additional spa chemicals.  These enzymes are so safe they require no warning labels. It is 100% non toxic.

1 bottle of The Natural Hot Tub Company Filter Soak

This all natural filter cleaner uses the natural power of enzymes with Citrus.  Proper cleaning of your filters can extend the life of your filter as well as increase the efficiency for your filtration system. Unlike the chemical based products, The Natural Hot Tub Company ® Filter-Soak rinses easily leaving no chemical residue. Just let soak 2-3 hrs (or longer) then rinse and let air dry.

1 bottle of The Natural Hot Tub Company Penetrating Spa Cleanser

It is 100% guaranteed to clean away chemical residues which have built up deep inside your spa plumbing and pump. Simply pour  into your existing spa water and allow to circulate for 3-5 days.  It is highly recommended if you purchased a used spa or hot tub. This 16 oz bottle cleans up to 500 gallon spa. Two bottles are recommended if your spa is over 5 years old.

1 bottle of 99% Dichlor Chlorine Granules

Spa Chlorine Granules (99% sodium dichlor) is specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs.  This concentrated granular chlorine is an effective sanitizer and shocks hot water.  It Is our recommended shock because it has the ability to dissipate out of the spa water.

1 Carbon Block Pre-Filter

Spa pre-filters utilize carbon and unique catalytic medias, known as Redox, that not only remove metals but also create powerful oxidizers.  Whether you are on municipal water or have a well, it is highly recommended that a garden hose pre-filter be used.  It can prevent the need for other chemicals to resolve colored or cloudy water.  The pre-filter can be used up to 7500 gallons.

 Leisure Time Test Strips (50 strips)

Leisure Time 4 in 1 Spa & Hot Tub Test Strips tests for free chlorine, alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness.  Regular testing of your hot tub water is not necessary with the Natural Hot Tub Company program.  It is helpful to have test strips when trouble shooting your hot tub.  Please keep in mind that our ranges of acceptability are different from what is on the product label.

1 bottle Sea-Klear Natural Clarifier

This product naturally clears cloudy water, eliminates oil, scum, and excess metals.  It works best for hazy water from high bather load that results in oil, lotion and body impurities.

1 bottle of Defender

It is a unique blend of organic polymers designed to prevent scale formation, aid in the removal of existing scale and to help prevent precipitation of dissolved solids in spas or hot tubs.  Use weekly for continued protection from scale. It is a non-toxic, non-irritating and non-hazardous product.

1 sleeve of Dechlorination Tablets

Effervescent Vitamin C Dechlorination tablets are comprised of ascorbic acid, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate and is 100% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.  This powerful formula is designed to neutralize chlorine and chloramines in hot tubs and spas. As  the tablet dissolves, the vitamin C will become effervescent and begin to fizz.  One effervescent tablet is able to neutralize 1 ppm of chlorine and chloramines in 100 gallons of water.

1 Filter Flosser

Filter Flosser is a QUICK and EASY to — USE tool specifically developed for cleaning cartridge filters of all types and applications. It is manufactured from 100% aluminum for durability.  The unique design FITS A REGULAR GARDEN HOSE and SAVES 50% of TIME and WATER. The curved nozzle design creates a powerful converged spray pattern which generates a unique water & air agitation action that gets deep down between the pleats for a fast and thorough cleaning.

1 bottle of Power Blue UV Protectant

This UV Protectant is unlike other protectant products in that it does not contain silicone oils, waxes, or petroleum distillates. So there is no oily dirt attracting film.

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