Filter Care Kit


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Filter Care Kit

A hot tub filtration system is designed to remove visible debris and impurities.  Just like your household trash can,
if not emptied, it will overflow and no longer function to remove unwanted debris.  Cleaning your filters regularly is the most important maintenance you can do to minimize the need for additional chemicals and to maintain clean water.  Once weekly is what is recommended based on moderate usage.  Every 2 months you should deep clean the filters using the Natural Hot Tub Company’s Filter-Soak.  We highly recommend having 2 sets of filters and rotating them to make it more convenient.

This kit includes:

1 bottle of The Natural Hot Tub Company Filter Soak

This all natural filter cleaner uses the natural power of enzymes with Citrus.  Proper cleaning of your filters can extend the life of your filter as well as increase the efficiency for your filtration system. Unlike the chemical based products, The Natural Hot Tub Company ® Filter-Soak rinses easily leaving no chemical residue. Just let soak 2-3 hrs (or longer) then rinse and let air dry.

1 Filter Flosser

Filter Flosser is a QUICK and EASY to — USE tool specifically developed for cleaning cartridge filters of all types and applications. It is manufactured from 100% aluminum for durability.  The unique design FITS A REGULAR GARDEN HOSE and SAVES 50% of TIME and WATER. The curved nozzle design creates a powerful converged spray pattern which generates a unique water & air agitation action that gets deep down between the pleats for a fast and thorough cleaning.


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