Penetrating Spa Cleanser


The Natural Hot Tub Company Penetrating Spa Cleanser adds years of life to your spa by using this highly concentrated deep cleanser which cleans away contaminants and residues and helps prevent future chemical build-up. Recommended to be used once each year 2-3 days before draining. If spa is not new we highly recommend using this product following directions on bottle.

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This Penetrating Spa Cleanser is 100% guaranteed to clean away chemical residues which have built up deep inside your spa plumbing and pump. Simply pour  into your existing spa water and allow to circulate for 3-5 days.  It is highly recommended if you purchased a used spa or hot tub. This 16 oz bottle cleans up to 500 gallon spa. Two bottles are recommended if your spa is over 5 years old. 

Using the Penetrating Spa Cleanser before starting with the Water Treatment and Conditioner is an important step in being successful with the Natural Hot Tub Company products.  

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