Cloudy water may be caused by several things.  Deodorants, lotions, body creams, soap residue in bathing suits, and make-up.  Another cause can be from not performing filter maintenance frequently enough.  Your hot tub circulation should be running 6 – 8 hours a day.  Refer to your hot tub manual or instructions on how to adjust that setting.  To clear up cloudy water first clean your filters with The Natural Hot Tub Company Filter Soak and then rinse your filters thoroughly.  If it is necessary to repeat this process, you can rinse your filters without having to use the Filter Soak.  Add a heavy dose of oxidizer (99% Dichlor chlorine granules or a non-chlorine shock).  Turn on the jets for two cycles.  Repeat this process daily until you get crystal clear water.  If your water remains cloudy after performing this process, it could indicate your filters have lost their efficiency and we would recommend purchasing a new ones.